Let Slip the Dogs of War

In the mortal world of Vala, a century of peace has dissolved into a war between a minor confederation of cities and the Imperium of Man. The Cambrian Federation of the Fey stands at attention, suspicious of the Imperium’s ultimate intentions and building its forces in case of war. Armies of the two greatest states stand ready for the war’s escalation.

The Campaign

You are living in the Manichean Confederacy, that small country of free races which now faces a mighty empire. The Imperium invaded in the early weeks of autumn and is moving ever closer to several major Manichean settlements. As concerned residents, each with motives of your own, you have banded together to put your skills to use defending this freest of nations. How this will be done, nobody knows, all that can be said is that the Confederacy cannot stand without you.


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