Caire III

(New format is starting here for player’s ease of reference to events from sessions)


Aegon (Jesse)
Byron (Harrison)
Catullus (Mack)
Mercy (Mercedes)
Nefertai (Daniella)
Salvador (Chu)
Silk (Sean)


  • Party enters Caire by seeing through the city wall with the Lantern of Truth and creating an arcane gate from one end to the other. They arrive in an abandoned alleyway and in a city where the only light came from a massive field Aegon identified as a cloister spell.
  • Streets are sporadically filled with crazed people found to be under the influence of some powerful domination effect emanating from city hall. These thralls are incapable of reason and are mercifully knocked unconscious as the group travels to meet Khufu, the High Priest of Anubis. They seek information about the sending message and the state of Caire.
  • Nearing the Temple of Anubis, the group witnesses a battle between nervous city guards and thralls. Byron joins in atop Waricorn while Aegon emblazons a wall with a message stating that the Hero of Byblos has come to save Caire. Guards fight with renewed spirits and gleefully welcome the Hero, even as Aegon knocks out stragglers approaching them.
  • Khufu is found in the Temple discussing war plans with a pale man named Ed. Party hears from Ed that a Lich, who Khufu identifies as the one from the Rakshasa Palace, is responsible for the domination of Caire.
  • Ed points to two points in the city where creatures to which the Lich’s soul is bound reside – protecting its body from any harm. Another creature, an ogre, has already been killed by a team of guards led by Ed.
  • Khufu mentions that Gary is naturally immune to domination, surprising the group.
  • There is some conversation about other refugees at the house of Iman and in various guard houses, defended by able fighters such as Meriele and Aira. As well, Byron, Catullus and Silk briefly express interest in the frieze that Aegon copied from the Rakshasa Palace.
  • They note that it depicts a city with lush, tropical foliage and much wildlife – entirely unlike the utterly, lifeless desert at the present location of that ancient empire.
  • Creature beneath the Temple has not stirred and no one can reach it. Byron suggests that the guards bore through the sacred rock on which the Temple stands to reach it.
  • Khufu is apprehensive about defiling this site – as it is considered sacred to Anubis and the reason a monastery, and then a city was founded at this location – but admits after some conversation with Aegon about the history that it is necessary to protect the hundreds of refugees holed up in the Temple. Guards dig throughout the night.
  • In the morning, the group goes to find the Eastern creature. They arrive at a warehouse only to be surrounded by a throng of thralls. With little time to lose, they break into a ground floor office of the warehouse in which the creature was detected by arcane senses.
  • Sneaking around behind boxes, the group find the creature. An 22 ft tall elemental floated before them, accompanied by about two dozen thralls. It had a humanoid appearance but was composed entirely of storm clouds and active lightning.
  • Aegon identified the creature as a Durge – a storm elemental created by Taranis, the Primordial God of Catastrophe. Its presence here in connection to the Lich struck Aegon as bizarre.
  • Observing from on-top of boxes, Salvador opened the fight with a well-placed arrow. The Durge would attempt to envelop people in its storms after successfully hurting them but everyone in the party managed in their own ways to avoid getting hit too quickly in succession.
  • Defeating the Durge, the group confirmed with Aegon that the connection to the Lich was severed. They returned to the Temple to continue digging for the third beast.
  • When the group arrived at the Temple, they saw the Lich descend from the sky, promising their death. Before anyone could react, he bore through the digging site with a beam of colorful light as hordes of thralls flooded from the surrounding alleyways, overwhelming the defenses of the Temple.
  • Only the sound of screaming thralls running past the party into the Temple could be heard for a few seconds after the beam subsided. Then the ground shook and shattered on target – a towering undead dragon stood inside the hole.



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