Sekhmenti, Crown of the Two Great Rivers

Lore: Royal crown of the kings of the ancient Rakshasa Empire in the Badlands. Last worn by the final king of the Rakshasa, with whom it was buried. Taken from his dead body when he attacked a group of adventurers. Contains an unspeakable amount of arcane power to the point that detecting its magic is painful to mortal mages.
Discovered uses:
Power: (at-will, minor) Raise dead bodies (burst 30) as minions of the user’s level/ (at-will, free action) Dominate undead creatures (burst 40) which get a move and a standard action
Effect: Gain resist 30 necrotic and immunity to domination.

Lantern of Truth

Lore: Ornate golden lantern with religious significance. Found in the palace of the Rakshasa. When lit, projects a field rendering objects within 25 ft translucent.
Effect: (when lit) Nothing within burst 5 can grant concealment and all creatures gain line of sight as if anything within burst 5 was not present.


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