No one was around for the creation of the world of Vala; it was the start of a period in time during which nothing was recorded. The first written history began in 1 CE – the founding year of the Cambrian Federation and the beginning of the Cambrian Era. This Elven country was the first civilization in Vala and today, 4,400 years later, is easily the oldest surviving state.

Another Elven state arose from migrants to the Far East. This ancient Kingdom of Rakshasa fell millennia ago without explanation. Modern residents of regional desert uphold its legacy, some claiming ancestry with the kings of this most illustrious dead empire.

Dragonborn chieftains on a faraway continent began building more and more elaborate villages, then towns, then cities until that land was replete with small kingdoms vying for total control. In recent history, a ruler by the name of of King Lanteas fought a long war that united the entire continent with all the Dragonborn and Lizardfolk into one feudal kingdom. His fervor and power were so great that it is said Bahamut himself granted the king eternal life to rule his land.

Today, the Elves and Dragonborn are joined by a multitude of other civilizations, e.g., the Imperium of Man, the Dwarves of the League of Aulë, and the Halfling-Gnome empire of Xen. There had been a century of peace since the last great war but it is over now. Ten years ago, the humans sent teams of mercenaries around the world to collect specific artifacts. They are now waging war against the peaceful Manichean Confederacy using weapons that have not been seen in warfare for nearly half a millennia. Alone, nothing can stand against this human juggernaut.


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