Catullus Aeschylus

The son of a proud house of noble half-elves, his father died in the tragedy at Byblos. Now travels with the Hero to serve his state, find vengeance, and bless the world with tale and song.


Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Senator
Class: Bard


Catullus was born the only son of the noble house of Aeschylus, to his father Saphos, Baron of the Byblonic Reach, and mother Cinna. He was raised in traditional fashion, receiving private lessons of history, rhetoric, logic, sciences, magic, and music from a young age. His father’s best-friend and sagest councilor Aegon served as an ardoit instructor. Having a natural talent for music, his mother educated him on the lyrical ways of the harp from a young age. For most of his childhood, he performed at various functions and parties of the social elite, bringing delight to his parents and his tutor Aegon.

As he grew older, he emulated his father, Saphos, and strived to demonstrate his talent in the art of diplomacy to him. He rose swiftly through the political ranks of the Manichean Confederacy, until he reached the rank of senator. His father, the long standing prefect of Byblos, could not have been more proud of his son. On the fateful day the incident at Byblos occurred, Saphos had arranged to meet with his son to celebrate his promotion to senator. However, fate would deal a cruel hand to the young half-elf, as his father would be struck down before his eyes. Aegon could only save one of the two when the beam annihilated the city hall, and he obeyed the final command of his long time friend, bringing Catullus through a magic portal to safety.

Now, Catullus travels with the Hero of Byblos on orders of the Manichean Confederacy. He is still young, naive and inexperienced of the world, but he is learning fast all the tricks and trades of a diplomat.

Catullus Aeschylus

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