Caire IV

  • Silk passed the Crown to Byron. Donning the superweapon, Byron imposed his will upon the undead dragon. For unknown reasons, he did not have complete control of the beast but the battle of wills would seriously restrict the dragon’s actions in the battle.
  • Packs of thralls separated from the horde storming into the Temple, engaging the group.
  • Lich unleashed dark flames upon the battlefield, killing thralls and injuring the living.
  • When the dracolich was killed, Aegon confirmed that the link to the Lich King had been severed, leaving him vulnerable once more to harm. Not wasting any time, the Lich unleashed a beam of elemental energy on Silk, narrowly missing him.
  • Unconcerned from above the Temple, the Lich ascended to a higher point and withdrew a scroll from his robes. Chanting in a tongue understood by all in their native language, he called for Taranis, Primordial God of Catastrophe to enter the world prematurely to fight the meddling mortals. When his ritual completed, the entire city went black. Seconds later light returned to Caire in the form of massive metallic blue arms emerging from portals on either side of the Lich. The three foes descended onto the corpse of the fallen dracolich.
  • Lich fought as before but Taranis was a different beast entirely. He began the battle by creating two young Durges from nothing. For the rest of the fight, Taranis would unleash tsunamis and earthquakes while gale force winds flowed from his arms. Lightning cracked out onto the field whenever weapons struck his skin.
  • Nearing death many times, the party managed to kill the Durges, then the Lich, before finally banishing Taranis’ partially summoned form back to whatever plane he occupied.
  • The sky cleared once Taranis was gone, the cloister effect slowly peeling away. Aegon rushed into the Temple to save the High Priest, Khufu, arriving in time to incinerate a small pack of thralls before they could swarm whoever they had surrounded. The would-be victim was Khufu, who was more than pleased to see Aegon.
  • Everyone regrouped in front of the Temple, describing the fight to Ed and Khufu. Salvador was nowhere to be found.
  • Someone suggested they check what the tunnel the Lich created to release the dragon; meanwhile, Mercy pilfered 200 lbs of dragon bones.
  • Through the tunnel the group found a wide open cavern with nothing but a gold chest on the far side. Something seemed to have been removed from the right section of the chest.
  • Neither Aegon nor Silk could find any traps protecting the chest but just before Byron could open it, Khufu stepped in, having noticed that the runes along its edges were those of the runepriests of Sol, God of the Sun. These runepriests were renowned for the subtlety of their craft and only someone who recognized the language could have known that the chest was primed to explode upon being opened.
  • Runes were disabled by Aegon. A plethora of powerful equipment lay inside, as well as 20,000 gp worth of gold.
  • Catullus graciously donated the gold to the reconstruction of Caire but the equipment was taken to strengthen the group. A long road lay ahead of them.



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